Sadness, webmaster of sadgrl.online, a very popular NeoCities page, has put together a number of great html tutorials, especially great for NeoCities users. SADGRL.ONLINE - LEARN
W3 Schools is an incredible learning resource and reference, with great examples and code snippets. W3 SCHOOLS
A quick reference for different HTML elements and features. HTML CHEAT SHEET
Old web gifs pulled from the internet archive. Beware, often nsfw if you scroll too far. GIFCITIES
Cool title generator. In German, but easy enough to get thorugh. 3D TEXT
A bunch of old tiled backgrounds. Beware eye-strain. FREE BACKGROUNDS


Game Dev
Aesprite is an amazing pixel art program and my tool of choice! It can even be gotten for free if you're willing to compile it yourself. AESPRITE
Blender is a free and open-source 3D modeling program. It is a very powerful tool that can even be used for 2D animation and video editing. BLENDER
Pribambase is an tool that integrates Aesprite and Blender, making for great productivity when working on low-poly and pixel-textured models. It has made my life so much easier.. PRIBAMBASE
Godot is a free and open-source game engine capable of 2D and 3D. I prefer it to Unity, as it's less cluttered, not affiliated with malware corporations, and dosen't work with the military... GODOT
Dieback is a tool for generating Earthbound-like backgrounds for your game. It lacks some features such as making perfect loops, and is unfortunately no longer in development. Despite this, it's still a very cool tool that I have gotten a lot out of. DIEBACK
GB Studio is a beginner-friendly game engine that lets you make your own GameBoy games that really play on the original hardware! I made my first proper game in it and adore it. It's evolved a lot since I worked in it. Get in there and make something cool! GB STUIDO
Fire Alpaca is a free and easy-to-use digital art program. I used it for many years before moving to CSP, then ProCreate on iPad. FIRE ALPACA
7-Zip is like WinRAR for cool kids. 7-ZIP


Itch.io is a great place to find indie games, a lot of which are free and playable in browser! ITCH
Cool Math Games is a great place for kids games. There aren't a lot of safe places for kids online these days, so I respect what they're doing. COOL MATH GAMES
Flashpoint is an archive for now-defunct Flash games. Beware, the download is massive. FLASHPOINT
Nitrome was my favourite site as a kid, they make highly-polished and well-designed web games. NITROME
Cool Sites
No-clip through a ton of game maps. Super fun to explore and the Pokemon Snap maps are even interactive. NO CLIP
Generate AI voices of popular voices. Vaguely unethical, please don't mis-use. UBER DUCK
Aesthetics listings. Rediscover aesthetics you never knew how to describe. CARI AESTHETICS
Cool Creators
Thor is a youtuber with killer taste in games. I see him more as a curator than a reviewer, I've found a lot of my favourite games in recent memory through him, such as The Bouncer and EverGrace. He also did the amazing OST for Umarangi Generation. THOR HIGH HEELS
The Radio TV Solutions crew are a stream group/ art collective that constantly puts out cool and creative shit. They're def the best thing going on on Twitch rn, and a big inspiration. RTVS